Advanced Machines

Advanced Machines


Advanced Machines' Atmospheric Pressure Plasma devices are multifunctional, easy-to-use and applicable for various applications in many different fields of Industry. It is used for surface cleaning and activation, for depositing and stripping as well as for the elimination of static electricity and dust.

The possibility of changing of plasma properties will help to establish the optimum conditions of the plasma for the purpose intended. The small size and light weight of the plasma generating device and the flexible connection to a power source provide the possibility of integrating such a treatment into an existing production line or mounting it on a robot.

Effective cooling concept of the plasma generating device guarantees its long and predictable life-cycle.

Main common characteristics of our plasma equipment:

  • Air as a plasma creating gas is sufficient for almost all applications
  • Other gases and mixtures can be used as well
  • Easy to change from one gas to another
  • Almost no ozone generation when using air
  • Complete compliance with VOC protocol
  • Electrically neutral plasma: any kind of material can be treated - conductor, semi-conductor and dielectric and their mixtures
  • Homogeneous plasma - uniform treatment
  • Stable and repeatable results throughout any series
  • No special infrastructure and utilities
  • Localized treatment (spot or band from 3mm) if needed
  • High speed of surface movement (up to 15 m/s)
  • Multi-purpose (cleaning, degreasing, activation, coating, etching,...)
  • Removal of static electricity and dust


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