Advanced Machines

Advanced Machines


The fabrication processes are hampered where the surface has a low energy and subsequently it is difficult to wet this surface. It is even more so in the future, when solvent based inks and coatings become prohibited.

Surface preparation using Advanced Machines technology allows usage of water based inks and coatings. Utilization of Advanced Machines devices for surface activation by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma allows to eliminate necessity of use of harmful liquids and ozone generating technics. This technology is particulary useful for glueing of plastics, metals, ceramics and other materials as it presents one main challenges for modern assembling technics. Treatment_of_sensors_body

Low surface energy presents main difficulty for glueing of different materials as it influences directly adhesion force and yeld. Advanced Machiness technology of treatment by Atmospheric Pressure Technology allows in most of cases increase surface energy up to 100 mN/m using air for plasma creation.

Nevertheless, in some cases utilization of other gases could be justified in order to get optimal treatment result.

Leather to plastic bonding chart

As an example metal oxide reduction and leather treatment could be given. In case of oxide reduction hydrogen containing plasma is used before fluxless soldering of cooper and silver. In case of leather treatment asot is used for optimal result.


Bond Strength after Monojet big

Advanced Machines product allows clients easy integrate surface preparation process into even hugh speed production lines.