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Based on proven MonoJet's technology and components, a MultiJet-40, MultiJet-120 and MultiJet-160 devices were developed. These devices allow treatment of respectively 40, 120 and 160 mm wide surface with the same efficiency as standard MonoJet device.

These devices create a "plasma curtain" allowing treatment of large surface.




Technical Data

  Power in plasma, fixed < 5.5 kW
  Plasma creating gas air*
  Plasma gas debit, variable 120 to 240 l/min
  Treatment width up to 120 mm
  Power supply to plasma
  generator flexible connection 3 meters standard
  Cooling medium water or air
  Cooling water debit > 6 l/min
  Dimensions of control cabinet, W x H x D 19" x 300 mm x 500 mm
  Plasma generating unit, W x L x L 120 x 100 mm x 150 mm
  Weight ~ 30 kg
* MultiJet accepts also usage of other gases and their mixtures.

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