Advanced Machines the leading edge of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma technology

Advanced Machines is a company manufacturing Atmospheric Pressure Plasma equipment and developing with our customers the mode of its usage in order to get the optimum results out of it. Our proprietary technology is based on use of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet with parameters variable in function of needs of process like surface activation and modification, surface coating and etching, etc.

The Advanced Machines' Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet technology provides the customers with standard and tailor-made solutions for a great variety of applications such as surface cleaning, surface activation and modification prior printing, glueing, bonding, coating, deposition and soldering. Our environment friendly, very flexible and cost saving technology provides a possibility to integrate it into fastest production lines. The technology is namely employed in the industry sectors:

  • watches and luxury goods
  • medical devices
  • automotive
  • electronics & semi-conductors
  • motors & sensors
  • textiles

A professional and dynamic team, cumulating many years of experience in various fields of atmospheric pressure plasma applications - from semi-conductors to printing, including medical applications, food packaging and MEMS - assists our customers in developing and integrating a solution that meets their specific requirement in quality and fabrication and answers to their particular surface preparation problem.

The usage of our atmospheric pressure plasma technology will yield an essential technical advantage combined with additional economic benefit.

Our broad experience enables us to develop - in close cooperation with our customers - cost effective solutions to complex and non-routine problems.

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