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MonoJet-Light is a low-cost device generating an Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet similar to the MonoJet. The MonoJet-Light is designed to create a plasma jet of low power. Only the gas flow rate can be changed. The fact that this device generates a low power plasma jet makes it useful for some very specific applications like tampon-printing.

Based on the MonoJet design and operating experience a MonoJet-Light was developed. It can be applied for continuous operations where fixed process parameters are sufficient. The simpler - compared to the standard device - MonoJet-Light has proven to be an optimum solution for surface preparation for certain applications, like tampon-printing.


Technical Data

  Power output 300 W
  Plasma generating gas air, nitrogen*
  Variable gas debit 2 to 10 l/min
  Treatment width 3 up to 10 mm
  Diameter of treated spot on a static surface up to 10 mm
  Power supply to plasma
  generator flexible connection 3 meters standard
  Cooling medium air or water
  Cooling medium flow rate air 20 l/min, water 1 l/min
  Dimensions of control cabinet, W x H x D 350 x 180 mm x 300 mm
  Plasma generating unit, W x H x L 64 mm x 34 mm x 100 mm
  Weight ~ 10 kg
* MultiJet accepts also usage of different gases and their mixtures.

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