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Advanced Machines

From semi-conductors to printing, including medical applications, food packaging and MEMS – in every domain our Atmospheric Pressure Plasma equipment could be used to solve complex and non-routine issues. Plastics and metals, ceramics and glass, carbon-based materials and semi-conductors, any combination of these materials – there is no restriction for use of our Atmospheric Pressure Plasma technology in any of mentioned situations.
Being a key of surface preparation solution, our Atmospheric Pressure Plasma technology brings an essential technical advantage and an additional economic benefit.
Improving quality of product and effectiveness of manufacturing process without loosing of price competitiveness is mainly done by implementing of new engineering and fabrication procedures.
Our leading-edge Atmospheric Pressure Plasma technology gives to our customers powerful tool for reaching their quality and effectiveness objectives.
Our equipment is easy to operate , adjust and maintain. It could be used for continuous and batch processing, within high speed manufacturing lines and in piece-by-piece manufacturing processes. Small, easy to integrate into automated production lines, our equipment offers low operating cost and rapid amortization of investment.


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