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MonoJet is a modular device generating an Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet. The jet is extremely stable which allows movements of the device at elevated speeds.

A MonoJet is a small, lightweight, easy to handle device and has low operating costs. It can be used for treatment of any material with air or other gases. Performance is controlled by the nature of the plasma creating gas, its flow rate and electrical power input. Treatment can be spot-wise or cover broad areas, and can be done at variable speed. 

Because a vacuum chamber and pumping equipment are not needed, investment and operating costs are reduced. Handling is simple, installation can be in-line. 

Today, cost saving is as important as the technical benefits. With our equipment as the key to your surface treatment solution, the cost advantage of working in-line compared to batch mode, simple gas change-over, multi-tuning capabilities, all at atmospheric pressure, will yield a fast return of investment.

Technical Data

  Power in plasma from 200 to 2000 W
  Continuous or pulse mode  
  Pulse duration min. 200 ms
  Plasma generating gas air, nitrogen *
  Gas flow rate, variable 3 to 50 l/min
  Treatment width up to 30 mm
  Diameter of treated spot on a static surface up to 30 mm
  Power supply to plasma
  generator flexible connection up to 15 meters
  Cooling medium water
  Cooling water flow rate min 2.5 l/min at 4 bars
  Dimensions of control cabinet, W x H x D 19" x 210 mm x 300 mm
  Plasma generating unit, Diam. x L 45 mm x 150 mm
  Weight ~ 22 kg
* MonoJet accepts also usage of different gases and their mixtures

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