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What is a plasma?

Plasma is an ionized gas, which is electrically neutral, but conducting electricity. This property is due to the fact that it contains highly exited molecules, radicals, ions and atoms. Usually the plasma is generated by passing gas through an electrical discharge, which transmits the energy to the molecules of the gas. These molecules, depending on the energy applied to the discharge, are completely and/or partially broken giving the life to radicals, ions and atoms.

How plasma works?

When the molecules are overcharged with energy or even broken to radicals, ions or atoms they become much more reactive compared to their normal state. This very high level of reactivity accelerates considerably chemical reactions in which these species participate. Moreover, breaking the molecules with the energy of electrical discharge one can enable chemical reactions, which cannot be performed under normal conditions. It allows to get complete new properties of surface.

Which kind of plasma exists?

Generally, there are two kinds of plasma: low pressure (vacuum) and ambient (atmospheric) pressure plasma. The main difference is that in the first case one has to create a vacuum to be able to generate a plasma and, therefore, has a potential problem integrating such a plasma step into continuous production line.

What can I do with plasma?

It is easy to improve surface properties like wettability in order to get better adhesion when printing, glueing, welding, coating, etc. It is also easy to get a really clean surface and, sometimes, substitute a wet cleaning process.

Why should I opt for atmospheric pressure plasma?

The atmospheric pressure plasma is a high density plasma, which does not need any vacuum technology and allows to integrate the treatment into high speed continuous manufacturing lines. Global Plasma Solutions' devices are easy to install in an automated production line, to operate and maintain. These devices have small a footprint and operate at low cost. Reduced investment cost makes it very attractive even for industries with a high price sensitivity.

Which gases could I use in my process?

Although air is satisfactory as a plasma creating gas, other gases can be used alone or in mixtures, if necessary. For more information you can contact our technical staff.

Does your equipment correspond to EMC regulations?

Yes. All our plasma devices are designed and produced according to EMC regulations.


Do you providing engineering services?

Yes we do. If you have your very specific requirements to process or equipment design you could address yourself to our technical department and we will be happy to find a solution to your problem.

What are the installation requirements?

In addition to the benefits of Advanced Machines' technique previously highlighted, the installation is simple.

Requirements are:

Gas Supply 6-8 bars, PUN-6 or PUN-8 Festo pipe or similar

Primary circuit, consumption 230 V, 50 Hz, from 400 W to 5'000 W, depending on device

Local ventilation min 2000 l/hr

Under normal circumstances, you can install the MonoJet and make it operational within two hours.

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